Polish qualification system - pilot implementation in Malopolska. Lessons learnt.

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Regional Labour Office in Cracow

Mail: mslocinska@wup-krakow.pl



Polish qualification system - pilot implementation in Malopolska. Lessons learnt.

Presentation and summary of the contribution

a. Elements of the context (scope – public – problematic)
In Malopolska, 2014-2015, Educational Research Institute (Warsaw) with  Regional Labour Office in Cracow have been working on project concerning qualification system. Pilot implementation of some elements of this system has given valuable recommendation for its further development.

b. Expected objectives and outcomes
Sharing the experiences of pilot implementation of elements of qualification system.       Recognition the advantages of supporting non-formal learning.

c. Plan of actions to be implemented
July 15th, the Integrated Qualification Register in Poland has been launched. The challenge now is to make it work.

d. What are the lessons at this stage of progress or implementation?
the individuals showed their willingness to demonstrate what they have learned outside formal education and to have their knowledge, skills and competences assessed and certificated;
hermetic language and bureaucracy can hinder development of qualification system;
there are already many experts and institutions dealing with quality of qualifications, skills audit, validation, certification etc. – this potential should be used;
a strong link between qualification system and labour market is a key factor of success.

e. Can you precise two or three points (questions, propositions, remarks) that you wish to highlight and debate during the workshop?
Supportive role of digital upheaval in development of qualification system.
How to deal with new digital qualifications which will be described, recognized and certificated.

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