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What is Afev ?

Afev is a nonprofit organization that just turned 30 ! Since 1992, we have been going all out in the fight against educational inequalities and the creation of solidarity bonds between campuses and working-class neighborhoods. To make this happen, thousands of students are involved with us in 5 major action programs. Discover them here !

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Want to act for a fairer society where people support each other ?

At Afev, there are a thousand ways to be involved !  

Our partners 

Afev, creating solidarity

Afev is a non profit organization that offers young people an opportunity to get involved to fight educational inequalities. Afev is actively looking for volunteers to mentor youth in need, at home or remotely. Afev offers young people another way to get involved : Civic Service, solidarity house shares in working-class neighborhoods, preparing unqualified youth for apprenticeship, etc. Today, it is taking action in France, Spain and soon in other European countries !